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I'm glad Blogger finally add Scheduled posting feature on their great blog engine. This nice feature allow us to create multiple post in advance, and gradually published on pre-set time.

The scheduled posting has been my best tools when blogging on WordPress engine. But I was desperately need this feature to be included in blogger as well since it will make the search engine bots loves visiting my blog regularly.

It will ensure I got quick indexing and eventually the post could reach the top position before everyone else.

All you need to get scheduled posting feature is login into your blogger dashboard using Blogger Draft, creating a new post, and don't forget to click Post Option to set the publishing time for the post in regard.

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New Zealand offering wide diversity of travel destination. All of them has it's own characteristic and in my opinion they are romantic place to visit. I've heard nothing but good things about New Zealand. From it's beautiful landscape glacial mountains, fast-flowing rivers, deep, clear lakes, hissing geysers until lovely seashore, all of them might give you memorable experiences.

According to a friend that had visited New Zealand a couple of months ago, the summer (November to April) are busiest season, especially during the school holidays from December 20 to the end of January. Therefore it is suggested to book room earlier to get a New Zealand Hotels for your accommodation.

Auckland is famous with it's seaside views. It will directly embrace you with its spectacular harbour and bridge. Finding an Auckland Accommodation is not so difficult in the New Zealand's largest city. Auckland offering their way around a variety of bays ideal for swimming, water sports and particularly yachting.

Wellington is also had a famous harbor similar to Auckland. But Wellington offering more interesting landscape with its wooden Victorian buildings terraced up steep hills. Getting a Wellington Accommodation is a must during traveling to the New Zealand

After experiencing seaside city atmosphere, why not trying some more adventurous trip to Christchurch. Christchurch is located at the South part of New Zealand and it has the mountains view, ocean beaches, rivers, lakes and wide-open near the city center.
It is also easy to find Christchurch Accommodation for a perfect holiday.

Take also visit to Queenstown located on the northern shore of the serpentine Lake Wakatipu. The beautiful lake is the center of all activities. This place is great for skiing in winter and also offering plenty of sight during summer. Therefore don't forget to book for
Queenstown Accommodation as well.

Keane - Everybodyschanging  Genre Pop/Rock

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Nate Dogg - Music And Me  Genre Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B

Amy Grant - Every Heartbeat  Genre Gospel

Trina ft. Lil Wayne - Don't Trip  Genre Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B

Level 42 - Leaving Me Now  Genre Rock

Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved  Genre Raggae

Amy Winehouse - Rehab  Genre Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B

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Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around  Genre Pop

Elton John - The Last Song  Genre Pop/Rock

Young Jeezy - Mr 15  Genre Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B

Lindsay Lohan - Rumors (Video)  Genre Pop/Rock

The Hold Steady - The Swish  Genre Alternative

De La Soul - Squat (Scratch Perverts Remix)  Genre Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B

Mattafix - Passer By  Genre Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B

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AdSense had announced about their beta release of AdSense for Video.

Inside AdSense: Fueling creativity in online video - with AdSense for video beta

Have you ever play with Blogger Play then try it. It’s a slideshow of pictures that are currently uploading to blogger. By looking on the slide show, you can get a rough picture of what people uploading now.

I found some interesting picture about landscape, but I also see some personal picture such as a little baby or family picture. I don't need to mention that there is a chance you can see a "GEMs" sometimes :) For example by clicking the image above when looking on the slideshow, I arrived at this blog

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How can we live in a house without lighting ? It is ok during daylight but when the night comes, should we use night vision goggle to move around ?

Of course not, we can put light fixtures mounted on the roof or on the wall and they will be our important lighting. A light fixture is an electrical device used to create artificial light or illumination.

This kind of light fixtures provide us two important feature of our living room. First it gave us a soft lighting and second it add artistic detail for our interior design.

Many product line of light fixture has been released. Some of them was designed like chandeliers another was made as ceiling light fixtures.

Normally lighting fixtures are classified by the way it is installed, the light function or lamp type. At least we can find 24 light fixture categories. It also has a wide range of quality and price depending to it's designer and manufacturer.

You can find many model of light fixtures on Farreys if you gonna buy one for the living room.

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Let me ask, "why would we still need mailboxes in the era of web 2 Internet technology?"
People are simply using their email for communication or even using web cam.

"Yes indeed people mostly using their email, but for official letter or receiving mail order, they still use letter and a mailboxes for their house"

The history of mailboxes begins with a light weight mailboxes that appeared first in Russia dated back in 13th December 1848. Because of the light weight and unsecured design the first generation of mailboxes were disappeared frequently.

In the US, many jurisdictions hold regulation about the distance of mailboxes from the road. The regulation simply helps the mail carrier since it significantly reduces extra distance when delivering or taking a mail. Some mailboxes are fitted with a small flag - that is raised to indicate to the mail carrier that there is outgoing mail in the letter box

When it comes to home design, a residential mailboxes has more function than just receiving incoming mails. It adds a unique details of a house. Perhaps it is not significant in downtown area but in the area where the distance between the road and the house is quiet far an elegant mailboxes will improve the value of its landscape design.

You can get a large selection of high quality residential mailboxes and also commercial mailboxes at

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Starting from today I will regularly share the MP3 music for you guys. Yes I will make Sunday as MP3 free music download day. For the first day let's just start with The #1 song this week on Billboard Hot 100 music chart.

Flo Rida Featuring T-Pain - Low
Download Free MP3 of Flo Rida - T-Pain LOW from

Or you can find more MP3 music from MusicMeLoad

Another link for you to download Flo Rida Feat. T-Pain - LOW

Enjoy guys and don't forget to comeback next week

There are many travel destination which offering unique experience for us. A place that had historical building and also historical event will gave us wider perception about our world. For example when hear about Germany, people tend to relate the country with reliable cars such as Mercedes. But some people also relate this country with black history during world war II.

Getting in touch with daily life of German people during your visit will give you a lot of experience. The country is also offering many types of city views. Each city has different taste and color. Therefore it would be great if you can manage to visit several city of Germany.

Because planing your trip can be more complex and challenging especially during high season on summer, I suggest to make early reservation to get the best hotel at reasonable price. Perhaps you may look for Hotels in Berlin because visiting Berlin during your trip across Germany is a must.

As the capital of Germany, Berlin has it's own characteristic. You may visit many historical building such as Brandenburge Gates or Schloss Charlottenburg while enjoying the city atmosphere.

Another city that must be on your travel destination list is Munich. Munich has bounded with a long tradition of high tech and reliable cars manufacture. Mercedes head quarter is located in this city. But don't forget to book for Hotel in muenchen before the departure date.

If you need more attraction and destination, you can find a lot of alternative. Visiting the big haven in Hamburg, of stay a while in Frankfurt can be some of them. To make your booking confirmation easier, you can find out Hotels in Deutchland and make reservation on several cities directly.

After spending your time to experience Germany, I can suggest to take a short visit to Wien as well. Wien or Vienna is a romantic city that shared ancestor language with German. Spending some days in Wien would be great since the city offering a combination of long history and pleasant atmosphere. Find your accommodation at Wien hotels

Photo credit :

In my experience the biggest disadvantages when writing a review post is that it is very time consuming. I have to allocate time and concentrating on the topic. When I need to write regularly than I have to do this routinely.

I can't deny the urge to have a speed writing skills. Once I mastered this skill I think I could manage to write ten articles a day fluently. But the biggest question is how to start learning speed writing skill.

I read several writing tips which may be worth to user. This writing tips post has inspired me to start a small step toward professional article writer.

Well I think now is perfect to plan my next summer vacation. Before summer holiday come, it would be better to arrange all tickets and accommodation. Perhaps you know already that early reservation is important for our relaxing vacation. No one can argue the fact that summer holiday is top season for hotels and ticket. During that high season you won't get a budget price unless you have made advance reservation.

Ok let's back to my vacation plan. I think this year, I'm gonna visit Ireland. What makes Ireland on the first choice ? Well, I like culture and tradition and it makes me exciting to experience different culture. The Irish has long history of folk music and dance even their musicians had reach worldwide popularity such as my favorite The Coors.

Ireland has multiple interesting tourist spot and also several summer festival that worth for me to visit. For example, Dublin should be the first place to stay when I arrived in Ireland. This thriving capital of Ireland is offering a good experience of modern architecture and often radical building style. Obviously I have to make early reservation for Dublin hotel

The next travel destination would be Cork. The reason for visiting Cork as my second destination because Cork is the second largest city in Ireland. This city is also features interesting architecture of historical buildings originating from the medieval to modern periods. I also can find a best deal to book Cork Hotels to keep my vacation on the budget.

I heard story from my friend about Belfast. The city is located at Northern Ireland and it is flanked to the northwest by a series of hills a beautiful sight as my friend said. Belfast had a long history or war and peace that worth to learn by experiencing remnants of an historical event. So this city would be my third destination during my visit to Ireland. I think early booking for Belfast Hotels would be good.

My last destination would be Galway. Galway is the only city in the province of Connacht that is located on the west coast of Ireland. The city which has the lowest crime rate out of any other region in the country, is a beautiful place for tourist. Each summer in July, the city organized an annual Galway Arts Festival (Féile Ealaíon na Gaillimhe). So I think booking for a Galway Hotels will be on my to do list.

That was my plan for summer vacation this year. Hopefully those travel destination still has budget price for hotel reservation, otherwise I have to look for another Ireland Hotels which offering best price for budget traveler like I am.

Image credit:

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Tennis is my favorite sport. This sport is not so aggressive like football but it has as much pleasure as football when you playing it. Every weekend I play tennis with my friends regularly and it becomes a routine gathering for our group. We have a same thought about this exciting games. It gave us a refreshing break after a long tedious works during the week. That's why we're excited awaiting for weekend just to play our favorite sport.

Obviously to play tennis you need a court and tennis equipment. At least you need a tennis rackets and tennis balls. I personally like tennis rackets from Wilson as it gives me a strong strokes. One of my friend which is left handed player, also has the same racket model as I have.

Recently I heard about babolat rackets from a friend that had bought a new one. He said that this racket is much better than his old Yonex. I never tried his racket though, but it looks pretty nice.

Since the nearest tennis lawn from our home is a hardcourt, we have to use appropriate tennis shoes other wise our feet could get injuries. I think I will buy k swiss tennis shoes within next week because my old one is already worn out. Sometimes we also travel out of town to play on a clay tennis court.

The point of my story is about our eagerness to play tennis regularly. It is similar to an oasis in the middle of deserts that could give us thirst quencher. For us, it is like getting recharged after playing several sets during weekend, so we're ready to work with a new spirit for next week.

I'm not a good player but that's not a problem, because the most important aspect is not winning the game but simply enjoying the game. So I could always get my stress releaser no matter I win or lose the game.

Image credit (

Too much ping will hurt your Blog. This warning is for you who using WordPress to run your Blog.

Why should you beware of the ping ? Wasn't ping meant to promote your blog ? So why the ping become dangerous ?

The answer is easy. It depends to your writing style when publishing a blog. If you rarely updates your blog, then ping mechanism is your friend since it helps promoting your blog.

But if you write a lot and also frequently edited the existing post, then ping become your bad accompany. With high updates frequency, your WordPress is eventually generating frequent pings to major ping service. Those service could banned your blog due to excessive pinging.

If you use the latest version of WordPress, it would be better to follow suggestion from Only Easy Things

My interaction with Flo has began just a couple of days ago, and it was fantastic. Flo is an energetic waitress on Dinner Dash. If you don't know what is Dinner Dash, it is a role playing games about building a small cafe to be a five stars restaurant.

You will play as Flo to serve many types of consumer which having a dinner at Dinner Dash. Started as inexperienced waitress which serving only two tables, Flo then growing into experienced waitress and thats all depend on your hand.

I can only say that Dinner Dash is fantastic yet addictive role playing games. It has such an ordinary background story so we can relate the effort of building the restaurant with our daily experience.

PlayFirst as the creator of Dinner Dash has made a great story line of Dinner Dash games. There are Dinner Dash, Dinner Dash 2, Dinner Dash Flo on The Go, Diner Dash Hometown Hero - Gourmet and several spin off title. Some games are available as online game or you can download all of them and install it to your computer.

To play the online version, you need Macromedia Player to be installed on your computer. But the installation was quiet easy, just follow the instruction on the Dinner Dash website and you can play the game afterward.

Try it and join the forum to meet many other players who really good. They scored much higher then I did.

One of my domain has been brought back to live after long hibernation. It was parked for several months without my attention. Until I finally realized that during it's parked period, the domain received higher page rank than before. Since domain parking doesn't required page rank, I think it would be better if I can monetize it's rank.

The best way to earn money using a high Page Rank is writing a review. Yes, paid review brokers are commonly valuing your blog depend on Page Rank and it's popularity. Higher page rank means more money you could earn.

The is still quiet empty at the moment, but I will push this blog further by writing regularly.

Since I'm still looking for a right topics, the writing will covers a wide area of subjects. Feel free to visit any time and I'll see you there

Sony is ready to market a new PlayStation 3 with silver color. However the PlayStation 3 game console with “Satin Sliver” has only basic feature of 40GB.

playstation ps3 new color

The new PS3 will be delivered with a shiny DualShock3 controller.

Post from:

Sony PlayStation 3 Metal Color

GARMIN to release a GPS mobile phone set called Nüvifone near in the future. The Nüvifone is a 3.5G handset with GPS capability capability.

According to Garmin as Nüvifone manufacturer:

“The all touchscreen device is the first of its kind to integrate premium 3.5G mobile phone capability with an internet browser, data connectivity, personal messaging, and personal navigation functions in one device. When powered on, the 3.5-inch touchscreen display reveals three primary icons — “Call,” “Search,” and “View Map” which allow the user to effortlessly master the nüvifone’s functions.”


To Browse the internet


To Add Geoposition on the fly

the Garmin Nüvifone is expected to market around 3rd quarter of 2008.

Post from:

Garmin Nüvifone GPS The iPhone Rival

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