Perhaps you've heard about website that occasionally give present to their user and you can join to those site for free. The missionblog which you can visit on http://www.missionblog.eu also providing similar opportunity to their user. Unlike regular site which rewards their member according to their content popularity, the missionblog valuing the member according how many mission they can accomplished. The mission is not difficult or impossible, its only simple mission and you can do that with fun. All you need to accomplish this mission is creativity.

To boost members spirit when solving their mission, missionblog promise several awsome prize to the winner. You can win a sum of money, joining a holiday with missionblog or even you could win a yellow porsche. If you haven't be the member of missionblog, then you must register for free and start to work on your mission.

The site mainly in german, but don't worry since it has english section as well. They explained themselves in german Missionblog.eu – Photo&Video Blogger Game : Spass Ohne Ende : Ber├╝hmt Werden : Porsche : Geld Verdienen

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