A Brave Comeback - Moleskine and Me

One of my domain has been brought back to live after long hibernation. It was parked for several months without my attention. Until I finally realized that during it's parked period, the domain received higher page rank than before. Since domain parking doesn't required page rank, I think it would be better if I can monetize it's rank.

The best way to earn money using a high Page Rank is writing a review. Yes, paid review brokers are commonly valuing your blog depend on Page Rank and it's popularity. Higher page rank means more money you could earn.

The Zetrys.info is still quiet empty at the moment, but I will push this blog further by writing regularly.

Since I'm still looking for a right topics, the writing will covers a wide area of subjects. Feel free to visit zetrys.info any time and I'll see you there


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