Experienced the Dinner Dash, meet Flo and the Friends - Moleskine and Me

My interaction with Flo has began just a couple of days ago, and it was fantastic. Flo is an energetic waitress on Dinner Dash. If you don't know what is Dinner Dash, it is a role playing games about building a small cafe to be a five stars restaurant.

You will play as Flo to serve many types of consumer which having a dinner at Dinner Dash. Started as inexperienced waitress which serving only two tables, Flo then growing into experienced waitress and thats all depend on your hand.

I can only say that Dinner Dash is fantastic yet addictive role playing games. It has such an ordinary background story so we can relate the effort of building the restaurant with our daily experience.

PlayFirst as the creator of Dinner Dash has made a great story line of Dinner Dash games. There are Dinner Dash, Dinner Dash 2, Dinner Dash Flo on The Go, Diner Dash Hometown Hero - Gourmet and several spin off title. Some games are available as online game or you can download all of them and install it to your computer.

To play the online version, you need Macromedia Player to be installed on your computer. But the installation was quiet easy, just follow the instruction on the Dinner Dash website and you can play the game afterward.

Try it and join the forum to meet many other players who really good. They scored much higher then I did.


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