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Let me ask, "why would we still need mailboxes in the era of web 2 Internet technology?"
People are simply using their email for communication or even using web cam.

"Yes indeed people mostly using their email, but for official letter or receiving mail order, they still use letter and a mailboxes for their house"

The history of mailboxes begins with a light weight mailboxes that appeared first in Russia dated back in 13th December 1848. Because of the light weight and unsecured design the first generation of mailboxes were disappeared frequently.

In the US, many jurisdictions hold regulation about the distance of mailboxes from the road. The regulation simply helps the mail carrier since it significantly reduces extra distance when delivering or taking a mail. Some mailboxes are fitted with a small flag - that is raised to indicate to the mail carrier that there is outgoing mail in the letter box

When it comes to home design, a residential mailboxes has more function than just receiving incoming mails. It adds a unique details of a house. Perhaps it is not significant in downtown area but in the area where the distance between the road and the house is quiet far an elegant mailboxes will improve the value of its landscape design.

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