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How can we live in a house without lighting ? It is ok during daylight but when the night comes, should we use night vision goggle to move around ?

Of course not, we can put light fixtures mounted on the roof or on the wall and they will be our important lighting. A light fixture is an electrical device used to create artificial light or illumination.

This kind of light fixtures provide us two important feature of our living room. First it gave us a soft lighting and second it add artistic detail for our interior design.

Many product line of light fixture has been released. Some of them was designed like chandeliers another was made as ceiling light fixtures.

Normally lighting fixtures are classified by the way it is installed, the light function or lamp type. At least we can find 24 light fixture categories. It also has a wide range of quality and price depending to it's designer and manufacturer.

You can find many model of light fixtures on Farreys if you gonna buy one for the living room.


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