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Well I think now is perfect to plan my next summer vacation. Before summer holiday come, it would be better to arrange all tickets and accommodation. Perhaps you know already that early reservation is important for our relaxing vacation. No one can argue the fact that summer holiday is top season for hotels and ticket. During that high season you won't get a budget price unless you have made advance reservation.

Ok let's back to my vacation plan. I think this year, I'm gonna visit Ireland. What makes Ireland on the first choice ? Well, I like culture and tradition and it makes me exciting to experience different culture. The Irish has long history of folk music and dance even their musicians had reach worldwide popularity such as my favorite The Coors.

Ireland has multiple interesting tourist spot and also several summer festival that worth for me to visit. For example, Dublin should be the first place to stay when I arrived in Ireland. This thriving capital of Ireland is offering a good experience of modern architecture and often radical building style. Obviously I have to make early reservation for Dublin hotel

The next travel destination would be Cork. The reason for visiting Cork as my second destination because Cork is the second largest city in Ireland. This city is also features interesting architecture of historical buildings originating from the medieval to modern periods. I also can find a best deal to book Cork Hotels to keep my vacation on the budget.

I heard story from my friend about Belfast. The city is located at Northern Ireland and it is flanked to the northwest by a series of hills a beautiful sight as my friend said. Belfast had a long history or war and peace that worth to learn by experiencing remnants of an historical event. So this city would be my third destination during my visit to Ireland. I think early booking for Belfast Hotels would be good.

My last destination would be Galway. Galway is the only city in the province of Connacht that is located on the west coast of Ireland. The city which has the lowest crime rate out of any other region in the country, is a beautiful place for tourist. Each summer in July, the city organized an annual Galway Arts Festival (Féile Ealaíon na Gaillimhe). So I think booking for a Galway Hotels will be on my to do list.

That was my plan for summer vacation this year. Hopefully those travel destination still has budget price for hotel reservation, otherwise I have to look for another Ireland Hotels which offering best price for budget traveler like I am.

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