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Tennis is my favorite sport. This sport is not so aggressive like football but it has as much pleasure as football when you playing it. Every weekend I play tennis with my friends regularly and it becomes a routine gathering for our group. We have a same thought about this exciting games. It gave us a refreshing break after a long tedious works during the week. That's why we're excited awaiting for weekend just to play our favorite sport.

Obviously to play tennis you need a court and tennis equipment. At least you need a tennis rackets and tennis balls. I personally like tennis rackets from Wilson as it gives me a strong strokes. One of my friend which is left handed player, also has the same racket model as I have.

Recently I heard about babolat rackets from a friend that had bought a new one. He said that this racket is much better than his old Yonex. I never tried his racket though, but it looks pretty nice.

Since the nearest tennis lawn from our home is a hardcourt, we have to use appropriate tennis shoes other wise our feet could get injuries. I think I will buy k swiss tennis shoes within next week because my old one is already worn out. Sometimes we also travel out of town to play on a clay tennis court.

The point of my story is about our eagerness to play tennis regularly. It is similar to an oasis in the middle of deserts that could give us thirst quencher. For us, it is like getting recharged after playing several sets during weekend, so we're ready to work with a new spirit for next week.

I'm not a good player but that's not a problem, because the most important aspect is not winning the game but simply enjoying the game. So I could always get my stress releaser no matter I win or lose the game.

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