New Design For A Better Performance - Moleskine and Me

Recently I change the design of this Blog several times. The change was initiated by a broken appearance of this blog when I use Internet Explorer to see my previous themes. I still couldn't find the source of error on the old themes. If I use Firefox Browser to access this page, everything was normal. But when I looked using IE 7, then the sidebar disappear and all link was missing.

After the first theme change, my sidebar is back to normal. But the problem returns when I apply peekaboo script to hide the long post from the main page. So I have to change my themes again. Now I use three columns themes from Isnaini and to avoid similar loss because of peekaboo or read-more code, I don't use that code at the moment.

Eventually I could make more change to the design, if I find a better code for this Moleskine and Me.


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