My Internet Connection Test Result - Moleskine and Me

After I found a cool new interface of speedtest, a free service of internet connection speed test. I give it a try to measure my internet connection. And here is today result.

Have you test your internet connections?, try speedtest.


  1. Anonymous said...
    What a very cool gadget. I tested on a server located 150 miles from me and got the following results:

    Download = 2576 kbps
    Upload = 385 kbps

    I am well pleased with the results, thanks for sharing the info and link.
    OS9USER said...
    AT & T Recommended that site to me when I upgraded my service to 6 megs. They claim it is the best, and their tech's use it all the time. I want something like that, but its $400 a year I do believe to have on your site. So for now, I click.(hahaha) Good catch ! OS9USER
    T1ps said...
    @ os9user :
    What? $400 a year? that's expensive. And this service should be free I believe.
    OS9USER said...
    I have red lined at 5 Megs & Still working on 6 ... the upload speed will not pass 648k I am told ... I have not broken that yet. Has anyone ?

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