How Children Learn to Write - Moleskine and Me

I almost forgot the exact time when I started to write during my childhood. More important detail about how I did it almost disappeared from my memory as well. But when my lovely daughter started her journey into alphabetical world, by looking her progress only makes me excited.

She start to write or to draw irregular line to be exact, when she's getting used to play with her pen and drawing chalks. She draws everywhere she liked, on our white wall, on the door, or on the paper which she wasn't like too much perhaps because paper was a limited space.

After months of drawing her favorites forms, she began to understand about alphabet as a symbol of language. It was also triggered by short messages function on our mobile phone. When she looked at her mother busy writing a short messages, then she asked about the meaning of those tiny symbols lined on the screen. When she got the main idea of alphabet then she like very much playing with mother's mobile phone. She typed any alphabet on it, it was obviously unreadable, and asked her mother to read it aloud "123MHKLOOOOPPPGNR" something like that. Definitely she was laughing hard after hearing the sound of her typed alphabet. She did that over and over again.

Recently she makes a further step on her journey. She started to write on paper using her pen. She started by writing her younger brother's name reproduced from a gift card, and asked her mother to read that. Again, she does it many times until she could write it without looking on that gift card. Then she start writing her own name. At the same time she also developed her reading ability. When she done well she was so proud of it. Me too, I'm proud of her progress and it could reminds me of how I was learn writing years ago.

Someday, when perfect timing comes, I will give her a Moleskine and I think that would be good for her. Hopefully Modo and Modo still producing Moleskine at that time. :)


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