MartianTraveling - Moleskine and Me

The project initiated by Google and Virgin or in combination we can call it Virgle eventually will gives us a new travel destination. Not in Earth but in Mars.

While the project is virtually planned to start with choosing the best spot for the first martian pioneer at the year 2010 and if the plan works smoothly, the first human traveler will be embarked around the year of 2016.

Currently the space ship will carry human interplanetary travelers inside a space module which designed to bring life support and protection during the travel. I hope the module has sufficient space to carry some personal stuff like golf stick. No one would ever missed the chance to be the first golf player in Mars and recorded at human history.

However, you must wait for perhaps hundreds year after the first human pioneer successfully landed in Mars and starting colonization. Because they will begin Terraforming on martian landscape around the base and hopefully they can change the martian climate to become milder and you can start hiking around the first martian city using your own sneakers

See more information about project VirGle


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