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When you already have blog or really enjoy to write a blog, then joining Bloggerwave will add additional earning for you. When you found a job offer on Bloggerwave member area, simply write your opinion related to the job description.

Each job could bring you around $10 and you can use include up to 5 blog of your and write the review. Simple and quick work for you who regularly wrote your blog entry.
You only need to apply on Bloggerwave and soon after they received your blog in the Bloggerwave member network you can earn money.

Unlike other job review from payperpost or reviewme which insisted not to use nofollow tag on the outbound link, the link from Bloggerwave originally has nofollow tag, so it won't hurt your PageRank due to Google penalized. I think the safest review job regarding to Google penalize problem so far were come from Bloggerwave.

For more information about Bloggerwave and if you want to apply, please visit directly Bloggerwave


  1. Patricia said...
    I've heard of this ervice and I think of using it too! I've had a blog for 6 months already and it's a good idea to start earning money using it! Thanks for the link!
    sagmondia said...
    Thanx for your good infos .This great that your share your informations with others.
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    how to earn money online

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