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It has been almost two year I'm concentrating to publish many stuff online. During that period I've tried multiple type of hosting. Yes, even though I'm a big fan of Blogspot, I'm also managing several other site on for online business.

The main problem of managing multiple online site is the server where I host it. I have tested some free hosting service for a couple of months, but finally I was convicted by a friend to move to a paid hosting for a better performance and reliability.

As I always started low, I have chosen the lowest price available regardless to it's real performance. Don't need to guess, it just gave me multiple headache only to keep the server up. I thought the previous free server was a bit better.

Now I have to leave those unreliable cheap server to another server which offering a solid performance and reliability but still has affordable monthly price. While I'm considering several options, I came into an article about web hosting

Reading the article gave me insight of how to be carefully selecting the best hosting within the range of your budget. Kaushal Sheth wrote three option of best hosting company. Their features looks great and it backed by quiet reputable company.

Referring to the hosting list I think Hostgator offering the most advantage over those two other option. Therefore I will pick up their hosting package soon.

You can read the best hosting company article as well. It is worth reading and eventually speed up your decision process to get the best and reliable hosting in budget


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