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In recent times, credit cards has been really useful for many people to manage their finance. However, it is not easy to get the lowest fee in the case of credit cards. Many credit card issuer have several types of cost and we should well aware about this to avoid unnecessary loss.

Perhaps you've have aware about the negative issues of credit card security. Several years ago when online transaction has just starting, fraudulent activity has made huge loss for many credit card holder. Fortunately the security features of credit card has been significantly improved nowadays. Even though your credit card is much secure today, you still have to keep your transaction activity following the best practice.

When you ready to apply for a credit card the first thing I would suggest is comparing as much credit card issuer as possible. Different company / bank has different scheme for their credit cards. Therefore it is better to take more time to gather more information on advantage and disadvantage before taking decision.

One of prominent factors of the credit card which will influencing your future financial balance is the credit interest. The lower credit interest you can get the higher value you will get from your money. Therefore if you can find interest free credit cards it is preferable to get that, since it will reduce your financial obligation in long term


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