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You might knew or heard about bad weather suffering north part of Europe on 18 January 2007. I was there and experienced these terrible storm. I wrote my experience on my moleskine and now I tell it to you.

Terrible weather was expected a day before.

I heard the weather forecast mentioned about oncoming storm a night before, but still I go to Utrecht city by train. I was not prepared for a bad weather, nevertheless I carry my molekine as usual and I wrote my journey time table as well.

Chronological report on my moleskine.

08.30 am. I take the intercity train from Amsterdam in direction to Utrecht. I see clouds covering the sky, and a little bit windy

09.30 am I arrived at Utrecht central station and taking bus route number 11. The wind is getting stronger and it was starting to rain.

10.00 am. I stepped out of bus and suddenly the wind blows hard together with heavy rain, my coat is wet just in few seconds. In that condition I have to open my moleskine to find out the building location map I sketched a day before. Fortunately there is a bookmark band on each moleskine, so I can find my sketched map easily and indeed it saved my moleskine from become too wet.

10.05 am. I managed to find the building and rushed inside to avoid the rain.

10.10 - 12.00 pm I stay inside the building during my meeting. I heard the water keep splashing hardly on the windows and somehow because the wind is too strong, a crane on nearby building is collapsed and few minute later I hear several ambulance and police cars come. I wrote this meeting results in my moleskine but in between I inserted short note about crane accident.

12.15 I have to cross the road for taking my lunch on the next building. The wind reached it's high speed when I try to cross the road and my friend almost falling down because of it. I finally managed to reach the restaurant, without my moleskine become wet.

12.20 - 13.30 Oh no, something is wrong with the restaurant, they can't serve my lunch quick enough. So I have to run to go on my next meeting.

13.35 I have to take bus because my next meeting is on different location. The storm is getting worse, and many people think that the bus is not runs due to safety reason. I take a quick look on my moleskine to ensure my bus line number.

13.50 Finally my bus arrived and quickly I jump inside the bus because I can't stand the wind any longer.

14.15 After checking my moleskine for the next meeting location at bus stop, I run to the building which is 200 meters away from the bus stop.

14.30 - 16.00 I stay inside the building, but unfortunately some of my meeting partner already went home because of bad weather.

16.15 The meeting completed and I'm preparing to go home. Alas, there is no bus nor taxi to go to train station. But the worse condition is coming short after that. All trains is stopped due to safety reason, and all passengers have to stay in crisis center until the weather back to normal.

21.00 After waiting for my taxi and no sign of it to arrive, I decide to walk to the crisis center around 1 km away. First thing I look for when I arrived in crisis center is my moleskine, because I put it in my coat's pocket so I worried it become wet. Thank got it still dry.

22.00 There's still no information whether my train run again or not, so I have to wait and finally I fall sleep together with my moleskine until the next day.

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    Nice story. I do enjoy to read that. What's the next one?

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