My Moleskine is finally impressed me - Moleskine and Me

It has been 2 weeks after I got my first Moleskine.

I'm using it as my virtually live recorder for almost all of my activity. This habit ate a lot of my moleskine pages.
From the begining, I didn't plan to create something fancy on my black book, I just use it whenever I need. So you couldn't expect my moleskine to be fancy like these pictures :

Moleskine | Moleskine
My First Moleskine! | album :: moleskine

Those are too fancy for me, I can't do that. What my moleskine really done to me is saving my budget. Why is that happend? You know, I am really writing my grocery list right now and take it with me whenever I go shopping. It just made me more dicipline to get away from unnecessary window shopping. Thanks God...


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