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Moleskine, what is that?

A moleskine (pronounced mol-a-skeen-a, /mɔləˈskinə/) is really only a notebook manufactured by Modo & Modo an Italian company. The standard Moleskine Notebook measures 9 x 14cm and features the following: lightweight, acid-free paper, a foldable pocket in the back cover, a cloth ribbon attached to the spine to serve as a bookmark, and a woven elastic band attached to the back to keep the book closed when not in use. When for the first time I saw this black notebooks around two years ago, I didn't interested on it because of it's premium price. Wait a minute... I could buy a cheaper one just for a notebook, but nevertheless I still keep a curiosity somewhere in my mind.

I realized then that my curiosity of this black notebook were growing bigger and stronger and it have convicted me to buy this notebook. Voilà I got a squared moleskine notebook. Then I started to write on it. Hmm its feels good and pretty handy, so I could carry it anywhere in my pocket. I begin to write with my Parker pen, but wait !!... it cannot dry quickly and it blotted to the opposite page. Something must be wrong here. Then I goggled down Internet to solve this problem. I realized that there are many moleskine fans websites with a lot of useful tips for using this premium price notebook. Aha I got it.... so I recite some tips here only for you:

Moleskine Notebook, some tips on using it

  • Although the book will fit in a back trouser pocket, if you're going to carry it on your person, it's less damaging to the book to put it in your jacket pocket. (Although the book is light, placing it in a shirt pocket is not recommended.)

  • Always use the elastic to keep the pages closed. The pages may be acid-free, but they are not waterproof. Keeping the book closed tightly with the elastic will limit any rain damage to the page edges.

  • The ideal writing instrument for the standard size notebook will have a fine point (ie a maximum of 0.7mm). Either pen or pencil will work nicely.

  • If you're using the notebook as a creative writing aid, Bruce Chatwin recommended numbering each page for use as a reference guide.

  • Chatwin also suggested placing your mailing address in the inside cover, along with notice of a reward for recovery in the event the book gets lost. (The Modo and Modo version provides a space in the inside front cover for this information.)

You can read more about this tips on this website

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